ELCIES is an intelligent Platform and Bot for connecting healthy lifestyle providers to consumers! ELCIES personalise healthy offer(s) and rewards based on Physical Activity Data that collected from different devices, wearable and mobile phones.

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Quickly and easily integrate wearable
devices to your projects!

Are you developing a new app or digital platform with health and fitness data?

ELCIES SmartConnect.

ELCIES has launched a digital data platform and API services to help Health and Fitness platforms to leverage ELCIES unique data algorithms services and wearable connectivity by enabling you to develop your own platforms and application while seamlessly connect the most of fitness and health devices to your platform.

ELCIES platform will reduce overhead and could be tailored to your project!

Fit-Tech projects can be a long road with plenty of pitfalls, let us help you through  3 simple steps to validate your product idea before sinking all your funding into product development.

Setup a Sandbox

Sign up a FREE business account and build your own sandbox in less than 30 days to validate your idea.

Gain access

Seamlessly connect the most of fitness and health brands to your platform.

Launch it!

Launch your product to your core audience!

SmartConnect Features.

– Management Dashboard (Business Dashboard)
REST API (token-based authentication to manage and automate the creation of user accounts.)
– Standardized Endpoints
– Simple and easy connectivity (one-to-many connection)
– NEN 7510 Compliance
– Pre-Cloud setup (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS)
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