ELCIES is an intelligent Platform and Bot for connecting healthy lifestyle providers to consumers! ELCIES personalise healthy offer(s) and rewards based on Physical Activity Data that collected from different devices, wearable and mobile phones.

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ELCIESELCIES Business Account intro

ELCIES Company Account

After completing your company profile, you will be redirected to your company dashboard:
1) Access Level:
Once you have completed your profile, you need to switch On\Off what kind of data you want to receive from your members:
BMI, Bone Mass, Sleep, Weight, Height, Calories, Target Weight, Cholesterol, Glucose, Body Water, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Steps, Muscle Mass,…
Once you have selected what kind of data you need to track, you will be able to add your offers, plans and tips per categories!
Click on “Edit Content” to view the possible classification per category.
e.g. If your client\user BMI has classified as “Obese”, then ELCIES automatically distribute your designed and personalized content (exercise tips, plan and offer, etc.) on your users dashboards.
2) User List:
It gives you a comprehensive overview of all your users who register to receive services from your company!
3) invite user:
You can invite either new member or import your existing client list (via CVS) to your ELCIES account. ELCIES will send an invitation to new members and invite them to join your company. After invitation accepted by user, ELCIES connect their profile and data to your company!
4) Data Dashbaord:
Data dashboard offers you a simple real-time analytics and visualisation.
5) Telgram messaging settings:
ELCIES offers a seamless solution for your instant messaging needs via Telegram platform. In order to start using ELCIES’s instant messaging features, please make sure you fill your mobile phone number with country code (e.g. 44 for the UK or 31 for the Netherlands ) into your company profile and than click on “activate!”
Once you have synced your Telegram account with ELCIES, a “Group Chat” and a “Broadcasting Channel” will be credited inside your ELCIES’ account under your own company and business name. You can send an instant message to your users who already setup thier Telegram ID in ELCIES’s profile page.
You can find more information about how ELCIES instant messaging features works here!

5) Export:
You can get a bulk export of your archived data from ECLIES.