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ELCIESELCIES magazine New Skin Patch Measures Glucose Levels during Exercise

New Skin Patch Measures Glucose Levels during Exercise

Scientists at Binghamton University in New York have developed a sensor designed to be worn on the skin that could one day allow people with diabetes to monitor their glucose levels while exercising. According to researchers, current methods, which involve measuring glucose levels in the blood, are not suitable for monitoring glucose during exercise.
The new sensors measure glucose levels in perspiration and are disposable. They consist of a single-use biosensor integrated in a paper-based glucose/oxygen enzymatic fuel cell within a standard adhesive patch. When worn during exercise, the patch wicks sweat to a reservoir and monitors glucose levels without external power or complicated readout instruments.
Additional research is needed, but the new sensors could alleviate complications of glucose monitoring during exercise, such as contamination of the blood sample with electrolytes and proteins contained in sweat, skin irritation, and the need for cumbersome supplies like lancets and glucometers.
Sourced from: Binghamton University
Published On: Sep 19th 2017