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Sit Just 20 Minutes Less for Better Health

The adverse health effects of a sedentary lifestyle have been well-documented. In fact, it’s been said that sitting is the new smoking. Recently, researchers from Finland conducted one of the largest and longest studies to determine if reducing sedentary time for one year results in health benefits. They discovered that sitting 21 fewer minutes per day improved some markers of health and helped maintain muscle mass.
The study involved 133 healthy office workers with young children and was conducted at the University of Jyväskylä. On average, the study participants were sedentary for 5.6 hours per day at work and 3.8 hours per day during leisure time. Researchers divided they participants into two groups: One group discussed ways to reduce sitting at work and during leisure time and set goals for doing so, such as breaking up long periods of sitting and increasing active time with family.
Sedentary leisure time decreased by 21 minutes per day in this group, while light activity and breaks in sedentary time increased. At the end of one year, fasting glucose levels decreased slightly and a biomarker related to cardiovascular risk improved. This group also maintained muscle mass, while muscle mass decreased by .5 percent in the other group.
Sourced from: ScienceDaily
Published On: Aug 31st 2017