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3 Daily Servings of Protein = Stronger Seniors

Older adults are at higher risk for muscle loss leading to frailty and in increased risk for falls and mobility problems. One way to reduce muscle loss as you age is to get enough protein in your diet, and according to researchers at the McGill University Health Centre in Canada, spreading protein equally among three daily meals could lead to greater muscle mass and increased strength in aging adults.
For the study, researchers examined the amount of protein consumed and its distribution throughout the day in nearly 1,800 healthy people – 827 men and 914 women – over the age of 67. Study participants who consumed balanced amounts of protein throughout the day had more muscle strength than those who consumed more protein during the mid-day and evening meals and little or no protein at breakfast. Results of the study were recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
Sourced from: McGill University Health Centre
Published On: Aug 31st 2017