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How Your Vacation Can Make You Healthier

The benefits of taking time off for a relaxing summer vacation or long weekend getaway are well known. A good vacation can rejuvenate you, reduce stress, and even increase your productivity when you return to work. But did you know vacation time can also enhance your physical health?
Vacation preferences vary, but there are general ways to make sure you get the most from your time off. The first is a change of scenery. Getting away—even for a short time—can make your vacation seem longer and help prevent burnout. Next, get enough sleep. It’s important to balance activities and rest so you don’t return from vacation completely exhausted.
If possible, create a flexible itinerary for your trip and choose activities you really enjoy. While advanced planning is good and provides structure, some flexibility is important to avoid stress. Reduce the urge to check in at work—that defeats the purpose of vacation. Here’s to some R & R—and to good health.
Sourced from: NBC News
Published On: Jul 21st 2017