ELCIES is an intelligent Platform and Bot for connecting healthy lifestyle providers to consumers! ELCIES personalise healthy offer(s) and rewards based on Physical Activity Data that collected from different devices, wearable and mobile phones.

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ELCIES for Marketing and PR agencies

We are on a mission to change the way we deliver engagement and awareness campaigns for Lifestyle, Fitness and Health projects.
ELCIES is all about engagement and involvement through an Intelligent Reward Platform rather than forcing or hoping someone change their unhealthy behaviours such as comfort eating, poor diet choices, smoking and inactivity.
Healthy Lifestyle needs more than just Suggestion, Recommendation and Reports!
 By signing up for ELCIES Company Account, you are able to design and build your own unique and creative campaign (ideas) for your clients (organization and brands that you represent) based on physical activity and health data, such as Steps, Weight, Calorie, BMI, Sleep, etc.

ELCIES could drive as your core backend and reward ecosystem to manage the input of your campaign (physical activity and health data) and its output (awareness or rewards).
Physical activity and Health data comes from: wearable, sensors, iot enabled devices and even mobile phones.
Wearable fitness devices are growing in popularity, research firm Gartner says that sales numbers keep growing, but at the end of the day it all comes down to creating proof points to demonstrate value and ELCIES does exactly that!
76% of consumers think food, drink and retail brands should be providing health content. This is actually an eye-opening fact for anyone in Marketing and PR field.
The challenge is how do you manage such process without breaking the bank.
Insurance companies are leveraging this trend in their core business already, but ELCIES wants to make this approach available to a wider range of businesses.
Given, not all marketing and PR agencies have their own Data platform, Bot or Emerging tech experts in house, ELCIES would be a great extension for talented marketers to desig and launch successful mass media campaigns.
For example: If you are planning a creative awareness campaign on “Child Obesity” or “Type 2 diabetes”, it is hugely important to have an impact, touching more lives and reaching out to more families.
“Child Obesity” awareness campaign need to get kids excited about exercising and losing weight in the most fun way.
By using ELCIES platform, you are able to collect physical and calorie burning activities (walking, running, cycling, dancing…) in more social and organised way which will help you to disign your own reward model accordingly.
Another good example is Supermarkets pledge and effort to keep us healthy.
More than 170 companies – including the leading supermarket chains – have signed up to the “responsibility deal” to encourage healthier lifestyles in 2011.
They have put their names to a series of pledges covering physical activity, alcohol, health at work and food.
The only way to succeed in this kind of awareness campaign is really 3 things: Promote, Rewards and Personalization in real time!
It start with promoting healthier choices by offering discounts on healthy ingredients such as Fruit, Vegetables and Low fat prodcuts based on user’s real time progress.
By connecting physical activity data to discount % and rewards with ” Dinner On Us ” promotion, not only we will be able to constantly push “Healthier Choices”, but also support physical activity and its outcomes.
ELCIES Bot analyze physical activity data automatically (per user) and provide rewards in different formats: from 7 day meal plans shopping list, to live feedback and support on each user progress.
When you signup for ELCIES Company Account, you can build and design your own content strategy and managne your Bot content (sources) based on your specific business model or requirements.

ELCIES Bot is already integrated in user-platform and connected to users physical activity data and categorize in several different focus point and targets such as:
BMI, Glucose, Blood pressure and Heart rate readings.
e.g. If your user BMI has classified as “Obese”, then ELCIES automatically distribute your designed and personalized content (exercise tips, plan and offer, etc.) on this user’s personal dashboards, which will help you to offer relevant and personalize content.


If you are interested to know more about ELCIES Bot and campaigns features, please get in touch with us.
We would love to hear your ideas and experiences with such projects.