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ELCIES is a Lifestyle Cloud Platform for Health, Sport and Wellness Companies

Regardless of brand, type and the number of health devices, ELCIES platform gives you one place to organize and monitor “HEALTH” and “FITNESS” Data to keep your clients motivated, analyse trends, and receive education and recommendations.


What’s the problem

Each wearable health and Lifestyle device has its own “APP” and “CLOUD” environment which is not suitable for multi-account management. Consequently, Health, Sport and Wellness providers are disconnected from their users.


Given, each client wear and use different devices, it makes it hard to organise and personalise their services throughout an affordable platform.

ELCIES acts as an intelligent bridge between service providers and each individual user in order to create an “Actionable” and “Relevant” outcomes!

ELCIES gets DATA from 100 different devices:

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Signup For a Free (Private Beta) Account Today!

Sign up for your free sandbox account today and discover how ELCIES platform can help you to manage and monitor all your client  in one simple platform at once!


Everything you need in one place!

ELCIES serves as a “HUB” to transfer relevant data to specialists that YOU have selected as the best or most appropriate for YOUR NEEDS (losing weight, quit smoking, monitor your blood pressure, train for marathon, etc.)

ELCIES Service Landscape


Gives consumers the power to “CHOOSE” and the ability to “SHOP” health and lifestyle services based on their Real and Relevant NEEDS!

Health and Lifestyle providers

ELCIES will give Coaches, healthy lifestyle experts, General physician,…a platform to promote their “HEALTHY” offers!

Siecents and Researchers

ELCIES enables universities and researchers with fast data collection for a better Statistics, Diagnosis and Predictions.

Discover ELCIES Use Cases:

ELCIES offers a wide range of possibilities, -from keeping all of your health records in one place (personal use) -to managing sport and fitness data of a group of individuals (Football Team, fitness clients, employee, etc.). we are also helping researchers with organizing their clinical trials records.

Organize Your Health (Personal)

ELCIES Personal

Keep track of all the details whether you're managing complex health issues or just want to stay on top of your family's wellness. It will help you to get more out of doctor visits by bringing important data with you and keep all of your health records in one place!

Corporate Wellness Programme


Create successful wellness and performance programs for your employees and ensure that each employee can perform at their best.


Clinical Trials

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We enable universities and researchers to acquire raw data from different devices for better diagnosis, predictions and algorithm in clinical trials.

A lifestyle coach managing 50 clients

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Manage your clients fitness and Health goals by tracking their exercise or sports training with their connected devices of choice, that help them stay motivated and improve their performance.



FREEMIUM -Personal Use or Clinical Trials

Create a FREE Profile and have a sneak peek at ELCIES platform and how it works. You can also create a FREE Profile for Large Number of Individual (Case Study)


PREMIUM - Manage Group of Individuals

Create a new company account to manage the health data of group of individuals (your employees, your fitness clients, your local football team, or even for clinical trials)


PREMIUM -Customizable White Label License

Determine Your Own Business Model by Configuring and Customizing A Private Label Lifestyle Platform.


Contact us

If you have any suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we greatly appreciate your participation and feedback.

Elcies – United Kingdom:

Shahrzad Bahari, CTO
Peter Ln, YO1 8SU
YORK – United Kingdom
+44 1904399017

Elcies – Seed investor:

LCIMedia Invest
Hoge Olm 17
9030 Gent – Belgium

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