ELCIES is an intelligent Platform and Bot for connecting healthy lifestyle providers to consumers! ELCIES personalise healthy offer(s) and rewards based on Physical Activity Data that collected from different devices, wearable and mobile phones.

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for Fitness Personalization! Request a FREE Trial An award-winning B2B Platform

We offer science-based workout “Personalization” & ``Automation`` to fitness apps and platforms!


Connect your Fitness and Health platform to intelligent data services! Either via API or containers, you gain access to categorize data of your end-users.

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Fitness Algorithm

Provide a ready-to-integrate algorithm for automation and personalization of your fitness and nutrition platform (offline and online) including exercise recommendations.

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AI Pose Analytics

Provide your Fit and Health-tech projects with pre-setup and ready-to-integrate AI algorithms as a service.

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Generalization and “One-Size Fits All” doesn’t work!

Most Fitness and Lifestyle platforms are only able to provide “general recommendation services” rather than a personalized plan! ELCIES is on its way to make it a reality for each fitness and lifestyle platform to personalize their recommendation services via a unique algorithm engine.
ELCIES pulls more than 250 data points (age, Activity log, BMI, injures, Fitness level, Health data,…) into a Real-Time algorithm engine to produce a Fitness plan.

ELCIES is connected to a wide variety of devices.

ELCIES is proud to be an open platform and not limited to only one or two wearable brands.

Power to generate 26 Million personalized workout routines from 250 unique data points in Real-Time!

ELCIES has developed an B2B ALGORITHM that Personalized the Fitness and lifestyle-related data by predicting the best “Evidence-based Fitness Routine” for each person in less than 3 seconds. ELCIES Platform enables our clients to interact with algorithm engine via API.

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ELCIES Price and Plans.

ELCIES API and Algorithm engine subscription is a combination of 3 cost items offer in one single pay-as-you-go subscription model!

A typical setup will start from 750 Euro per month + One-off or annual payment based on SLA duration

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